My art work is about connection - the joy of sharing yourself with other humans, and how ultimately that is what gives life meaning. 
When I draw and paint, whether it is my abstract figurative, mandalas or more realistic work, I am following my joy. With my realistic work I can feel the connection between my models and focus on that energy of love while I paint.  I know my artwork is important for many reasons, one being that it can change the energetic frequency of the room it is in because of the energy it holds both in the meaning of the poses and also on another level in the resonance of the colours and shapes and their juxtapositions.  
My meditative mood while I am making the work is also important.  I strive for a calm, healing and loving energy.  
It feels to me like in practicing my  art I am bringing  primordial energy up through me (my soul) and somehow connecting it to now. So it feels like I am expressing my own inner light. It is very healing for me, and it feels like important work to remind the viewers of their own inner light and their own power of connection.
I live and create in Christchurch  and Akaroa, on the South Island of New Zealand with my husband Bill, a photographer. I have been involved in ‘arty’ pursuits my whole life and attended two years of art school.  I  also study and practice yoga and am interested in the energetic principles of consciously generating peace and relaxation in our bodies. 
My art is available for viewing in our home in Christchurch and now and then in exhibitions throughout the South Island.  Shipping is available worldwide.
Thank you for your interest, Cherie

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